About Us


How It Was Invented

Do your knees get cold?  When my knees are cold, my whole body feels cold.  After searching and trying on a variety of knee warming products,  I found they tended to slip down below my knees shortly after walking around.  I started to use different designs and materials to make my own.  After several years of prototypes, the Complete Wellness Wrapperr product was born.  With this product,    I feel free to move, run and bend without worrying the product will fall down.  It gives me the extra warmth I need without overheating me or being too bulky. The Wellness Wrapper makes me more flexible and may reduce injury. It makes me want to exercise more!

Two time U.S. national bronze medalist Mariah Bell likes it

Who Buys Our Product

Figure Skaters, Dancers, Gymnasts, Pilates, Yoga, Bikers,  Hikers and Arthritic Patients...
Two Time U.S. national bronze medalist Mariah Bell likes it.


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